News - Big inspirational vibes from Avril Lavigne in her latest single, 'Fly'

Read the lyrics here Fly.

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Being meant to fly and actually doing it are two different things. But that doesn't stop us from striving to touch the clouds, right? Some may be blown away by the gusting winds, but their spiritual journey must not suffer any losses.

It's songs like these that speak of something uncertain and improbable (the achievement of success), in an universal manner (without naming the actual direction your soaring wings should flutter), with a voice imbued with hope, that make the charts and stay in our hearts for the longest of times. Well have to see if our bet is worthwhile.

The song is a single, so chances are it won't be included in a future album. You can buy it here =>>

Written by Avril, David Hodges and Chad Kroeger. Enjoy and share!