News - Rapper Phora reaches out to people dealing with domestic abuse and drugs: Deeper Than Blood

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The song comes to us in a really unexpected way. What seems to be a song about coping with the loss of a criminal father (the first verse) turns into something else altogether. In the second verse, Phore turns his attention towards a little boy, who's suffering his father's departure to a greater extent. He's little and cannot seek the mental refuge that adults find with a greater ease.

What Phore's telling us is that adults fail at finding that refuge as if they were children. Of course people that suffered a form of loss or another are gonna back others in suffering, but people who suffer become amendable when they put themselves above their children. The mom, suffering more than her child inflicts more pain on him. The resolution of this heartbreaking scenario is one of high moral value, fit for a rapper of such high caliber. We're not gonna spoil that for you. Go check out the video ↓↓↓↓↓ You have the lyrics on the top side of this page. Salute!