News - Another FridayNightFreestyle: Fabolous took a couple of Dre songs into outer space!

Read the lyrics here The B.A.S. (Freestyle).

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All that rappers like Fabolous need is a good tune and a beat. Their minds run like a gyroscope in search for enemy vessels. Once they find that danger, it's missiles away. No one stands in their path. It's the Family we're talking bout, man.

Here are two Dre songs from back in the 90', when rap glimmered like gold, they say. 'Bitches Ain't Shit', that work as an acronym fo' this song, and 'Nuthin But A G Thing', that stands for the freestyle's hook: a little something to get you guys winded up, it's not really a hook. The verses are the real hook, 'miright?

I'm leavin' you guys with a bit of advice, without which some suckers would be curtains. This comes out from Fab' himself:

'Don't get caught up in my wordplay, a text is a gun'