News - Tink lost her cool over all the ratchet in her section. Ergo, she devised Ratchet Commandments

Read the lyrics here Ratchet Commandments.

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A sort of lay manual of how not to stray from the 'real' path. It's pointed at girls, who are conveniently called 'bitches', thus making clear the utter differences between those that stray and those that walk the path of righteousness. The good be praised, the evil be shunned. Capisce?

Working with Timbaland got Tink really hype over the internet. Her tracks, this one and the one called 'Tell The Children' are getting major review and likes, more than the one's coming from different producers. Check out the song, and take it as a need for initiation. Though Tink is very truculent in verbal slings, her songs birthed from an excessive love for the female gender representatives. I mean, who else would go through the trouble of educating ladies, if not someone that over-emphasizes their care for them?