News - Faydee's mesmerizing voice took a detour to a more local success since the 2014 Habibi (I Need Your Love)

Read the lyrics here Move On (C’est la vie).

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Had your hopes up that Faydee was going to sing in more than one international language in a desperate attempt to sweep all your likes, tweets and pluses? Well then, this song may not be for you. It's an all object orientated, non pretentious song, and the object of the matter is that altruistic sorrow that grips your former love's hand and tells her/him 'I wish you would find someone better than me'.

Although we have that French expression that can only be released with a sigh (C'est la vie) in the title of his new song, there are no overwhelming encounters of the phrase in the development of the lyrics. The chorus doesn't bewilder us with how many times you can pronounce the eponymous word in ten seconds.

Faydee, as we all know, took a jab at popularity the easy way, by submerging in the melomania waters with a couple of sharks that already knew the ebb and flow: we're talking about Shaggy, Mohombi and Romanian singer Costi Ioniţă. No need to fret, tho, this new song called 'Move On (C'est la vie)' may as well be Faydee's attempt at a slow liberating auricular delight. A medication that cannot leave the body as soon as the first nap.

Although using the synths and voice distorters of last year's musical producers, the Lebanese emcee surely manages to make old tools meet those protean needs of the heart. Enough being said, we'll leave you to it with the song and the adiacent lyrics to Faydee's wonderful 'Move On (C’est la vie)':