News - Hot New Album from Romanian model, singer and songwriter Alexandra Stan: UNLOCKED

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What do Austin Mahone and Alexandra Stan have in common? Well, they've both released hip songs today. Nobody says hip anymore, but you will after you'll hear Alexandra's new album called UNLOCKED.

You'll get some cybernetic love in 'Digital', only if you're on the same frequency though.

Some cheeky love resignation in 'Happy', and by that I mean that 'you're perfect the way you are' kind of resignation. The chorus goes 'I don't need anything better, all I need is your love'. How sweet is that?

A house of cards, in 'Holding Aces', where those who gamble with heart beats and kisses (big stakes, I can tell you that much) unveil their ravishing 21s that've been hidden beneath the poker face.

Look up the album, correct the lyrics on our site, if any meddling is necessary, and most importantly, support the artist. Cheers!