News - Jonn Hart and Clyde Carson bump Rodeo

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See, you got an invitation to sit on a saddle, something that most likely will degenerate into some riding and giddy up-ing, but that's still R&B: classy, subtle, nothing explicit, just veiling and a slight unveiling here and there. Once you start having body humors like saliva and the wetness from downstairs, R&B transgresses to F&S: fuckin' n' sexin'. That's bedroom action. R&B is the prelude. It's what you play before all that. See, people get it confused sometimes.

That's why this guy is entitled Hart. It's subtle: it sounds like heart, but it's written differently. His music is rhythm and blues because everything points out to sex, but nothing really says it like a cheap brothel banner.

'Back it up, show em how you do it
Got em all watchin', let em youtube it'

And then there's a national inflection here: 'Where ya from? Rep yo city'

Then comes Clyde Carson with some sweet lines: 'No surprising my lady when times get shady / Need someone who'll be down for the fight'

A surprisingly good song, although the rodeo theme has been around. I guess it's all about the voice and how you give each theme your own vision of it.