News - Tinashe streams a new dim vision, blurry horizons tune with her Bet

Read the lyrics here Bet.

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The Aquarius LP hasnít dropped yet, but Tinashe is sure keeping us hooked, like fish on a hook that is. Weíll just have to wait until October something. Some say itís the 7th, some believe itís going to be earlier.

Until then, we have this quick experimental jab, with an awesome instrumental lick at the end of the song. Donít skip that now that you know that the last minute of this new song called ĎBetí is lacking Tinasheís sweet sweet voice! Go ahead and listen to it. Itís pretty rad.

The song melancholically repeats some major motifs, like that of the nature that rages on the loverís heart. Lightning, storms, fire in the skies. But not to worry, the female presence, although vague and slippery, almost faded out in this song, I might say, will be there to catch you.

Thereís a new interview of Timashe on youtube too. Be sure toÖ you know. Cheers!