News - A hot new Pitbull remake: Dont Tell Em, featuring Jeremih

Read the lyrics here Como Yo Le Doy.

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After stating that this is the year of the remakes, I realised I left out some of the acclaimed remixes. I forgot to mention íHot Niggaí, and íDonít Tell Emí. Maybe the second one didnít appeal to the emcees as the first did, but itís sure catching up. First came Jeremih and YG, then came G-Unit to remaster it, and now Pitbull.

The roof is on fire, as Mr. Worldwide sings another song in his wellknown bilingual method. Some say heís trying to win fame overseas, in an attempt to reach out to as many different language speakers. Nonetheless, this song really makes you act a fool. Itís hot, itís catchy, and itís from our premium man here. Donít Tell Em: