News - Watch Cody Simpson's visuals for the summer song Got Me Good

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While his album Preview To Paradise hits online stores iTunes on June 12th, Cody Simpson recently debuted the visuals for his latest single "Got Me Good". The 15-year-old singer brings summer adventure in his clip as he holds hands with his cute girl.

Cody treats his girl to a day full of shopping, skateboarding, swimming, surfing and Ray Ban-wearing, in between being carpooled by friends in their mom's station wagon. Meanwhile, he is singing his own tune to the mystery girl of his dreams: "I wanna know what it feels like,/ To run my fingers through you hair?!/ I wanna know what drives you wild,/ Cause baby we could drive it there./ Tell me that Iím dreaming/ No, I donít wanna wake up". The clip also features some scenes with Cody playing his guitar on the beach, a natural habitat for the teen.

Video: Cody Simpson "Got Me Good"