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New Politics - Stardust lyrics

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You were the moon, I was the wave

Pulled me out, pushed me away

It’s how we danced

Isn’t it amazin?

Hold me close, let me go

I said that faith is all I know

And yes I lied

Because the whiskey made me

(Pre Chorus)

I was just enough but you need everythin

It’s all a blur we’re clearly fadin baby


Why couldn’t I make you want to leave the world behind?

Our ship is stuck in a bottle

Let’s break the glass tonight

I’ll be your after glow, your sweetness and your light

I’ll be the chemical that helps you sleep at night

We’re stardust, you and I


What’s poison now, was perfect then

Sirens screamin out again

Baby it ain’t right

But isn’t it right but isn’t what they sid

A bleeding heart bloomin in the shade

A midnight watch, I’m up for days

I need a sign but girl the skies so hazy

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus)


[You can call

You can fall on me] x 5


You and I, we’re stadus tonight

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