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New Politics - Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens) lyrics

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Downtown hoppin fences

I smash a window on a Lexus now

Five-O's on my tail

But they moving like a snail

I got some shit to say


But everybody's gotta get by, by, by, by

I got holes in my pockets

Everybody wants to stay high

So you know,

I got it if you want it

(Pre Chorus)

This one's for

Everyone that's said I'm nothin

This one's for

My friends who don't give a fuck

So if you don't give a fuck,



Everywhere I go,

I'm higher than United, fly with me

Everybody knows

There's no sleep to Brooklyn, no sleep

We get high, we get by, yea we roll with it

We been up, we been down, we got over it

Everywhere we go,

We're the kings and queens

And we run this city.


I got prior offensives

You know, this life, it can be hectic

It might seem like a death wish,

Being so young and fuckin reckless, now

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus)


This one's for

The accidental lovers

This one's for

The ones who are not in love

To my ex, to my mom, to my dad and the teachers

My boss and the cops, ooh my god, all the preachers

All the give, and the take, and the take,and the give

Now we've taken enough, it's enough,

So just sing


(Outro x 2)

We're the kings and queens

And we run this city

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