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New Politics - Aristocrat lyrics

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We set the jets on fire

We wake up burnin up with emerald eyes

Miss Penthouse dynamite is cyanide

This service elevator is how I ride

(Pre chorus)

Cuz you’re a rich bitch and you’re super bad

With your black lips and your taxi cabs

I’m a quick fix for the shit you lack

Dirty porcelain, sick aristocrat, aristocrat


If you really want, I’d give it all to you

But I was born to lose

If you really want to go out like that

Aristocrat, aristocrat, dirty little money trap


You and me are junk and money clips

With trophies on our tongue and pixie sticks

And caviar that thrills the simple kids

The queen who hit and run the Bowery king

(Pre chorus) + (Chorus)


Nothin compares to you

You got it

Nothin I won’t do for you

Come get it

Come take my hand, run away

Don’t be afraid, I won’t lose

(Pre chorus) + (Chorus)

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