NEW FOUND GLORY - Vicious Love

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If you’ve eva been in luv

Or eva hope to be in luv

Here’s a story you’ll luv with all ur heart

Couples on their backs in the park

Lay on blankets bought

On a date the day before

A routine I’ve been longin' for

I can’t help but to glance

From the corner of my resentful eyes

I guess it’s all perspective but

It’s u I neva get enough

We’re always far apart


We’ve got a vicious luv

We mix our tears with blood

No clock will stop for us

It ticks by, we fight as hard as we luv

We’ve got a vicious luv

(Verse 2)

When I go out alone

And see them sharin' meals

Like Lady and the Tramp

Hate their lovin' eyes

Wishin' it was u and I

Add tip to my receipt

Fold it up behind a picture of us

I guess it’s all perspective but

Together though we rarely touch

Hard not to fall apart



I could have given up a thousand times

In the past that was so easy

When the thought came to my mind

There was no convincin' me

Plant my feet to face it all

Side by side or a phone call

Livin' in tension with u

Still feels betta

Betta than I’ve eva known


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