NEW BOYZ - New Girl

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Ey, you can be my new girl

Said you could be my new girl

New boyz

To keep it a hundred I'm ready for the next chick,

My soon to be ex chick,

About to hit the exit.

And right after she leave I leave the key under the mat,

When you feelin' kinda lonely you be free to come and chat,

Know you heard them effin' rumors like I beat then leave,

But straight drop that's just gossip, TMZ.

Guess repressable is, I don't give no referrals,

Check into my district, You can be the new girl. Hey!

(I have) so many girls that fade away,

(In my past) that I don't think it's safe to say,

(I have) but I think that change today

You made me think in a major way.

You could be,

(My, my, my, my, my) You can be my new girl

Out with the old, and in with the new girl.

I guess I seen the beauty of my life cause she was a beast,

A typical freak, She made it with me,

How did she end up being caught up all in my world,

Cause now, I just imagine baby you can be my new girl,

No jokes, no games, I'm feelin' you a whole lot,

I ran into you, with no turns, it was a roadblock,

Thinkin' to myself, I had one of them past, that didn't last,

A chick with no class, it was so bad,

Damn, and now we in 2009,

I'm tryna make you my summer girl, you got a dope mind,

Let's go to Texas, Arkansas, Arizona,

We can go to Michigan or live life in California,

My new girl.

Every time I look into you eyes,

I wanna feel fireworks on my insides,

You'll be here for me when I don't know what to do,

I need a new girl,

I need a girl to give me some good lovin',

Cause I'm known as McLovin,

I need a girl that's fresh and fly,

We could stay together through the end of time.



Said I'm lookin' for my new girl,

Said I'm lookin' for my new girl,

New Boyz,


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Wednesday 2nd of December 2009 20:03
I love this song... lol =)