Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never - Time Travel

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Nothing is real.

I know this 'cause I made a deal,

with the Devil he told me that I was just wasting my time on the Moon.

And so I flew to the Sun.

Lost track of my soul on the run.

Suffering 12th degree burns,

I learnt that the Sun was no fun.

So I ran back to Earth.

Tripped and fell in the glorified dirt

Honestly, Gravity sees me as a liability.

So I held my breath.

'Til my soul left my body for dead.

I'll rip through the clouds to talk to the man in the sky.

I said...

Take this for what it is.

I think you're

A tad pit prejudice


The ones like us that are searching for the answers.

He said...

Kid, you don't know sh-t.

You should go back home and live

In that quiet little town you left behind.

I'm comin' home.

Don't you cry (Dont even cry.)

Im comin' home

Just in time (Just in time.)

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