Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never - Lust

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I’ve been so disinterested in love

These modern times evaporated, any chance for trust

To live a fool or die alone, to say goodbye or be dis-owned

Make your choice or live inside the grave

I know everybody knows, everybody knows

It takes time to figure it out

I’ve been so preoccupied with lust

Rush it takes me over, that it leaves me more fucked up

To be a perv or be a prood

To make forced love or push on through

Trust in that, she really does exist

The one you heard about

When you were still a child

Don’t give up just yet

You still got so much time.. to figure it out!

I’ve been so unsatisfied with touch

See I’ve kissed 7,000 women yet I still can’t get enough

To have some fun or sleep alone, to hit the bars or just go home

Make your choice or live inside, the great, I’m okay

I just wanna fall in love

I just wanna fall in love

I just wanna fall in love

I just wanna fall in love!

Thanks to CorinnesChronic for correcting these lyrics

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