Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never - Hey! We Ok

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You see me walkin' thru' the park few minutes after dark

With a cigarette in my hand, 'keep it up or you'll be dead'

I'm killin' time with pandemonium smokin' mist but I catch pneumonia

It's a damn cold night to be walkin' home alone


Girl, for what it's worth, I know my own worth, it's fuckin' priceless baby!

Hey hey we okay, hey hey we okay


we're who we are so don't u think that u can call us

Freaks or geeks or lame, we walk our own way

Hey hey we okay, hey-hey we okay

We're superstars, the ones u know as

Total fuck-ups, we're proud of it!

we walk our own way, we walk our own way!

(Verse 2)

I see u lookin' at me, you're probly thinkin'

'What a menace to society! You don't have a job'

'Pays the bills with his guitar', I'm strummin' chords

Singin' songs, clap ur hands, try and sing along

it's a catchy tune, u just got to learn the words




Social outcasts, total fuck-ups, turn that shit up!

We're proud of it! We're proud of it!

We're proud of it! Come on, lose ur mind!

(Chorus x2)

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