Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never - California

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Oh my god, I. <br />

Had the most amazing time <br />

last night,I dreamt I saw you again <br />

Thats when the flashbacks started to begin.. <br />

<br />

They started slow, <br />

But they picked up fast, <br />

So I got off my ass, And <br />

I ran away.. to Californ-i-a <br />

Lalalalalalalalala <br />

Californ-i-a<br />

<br />

Oh My god I, <br />

Shouldve never let you leave <br />

My side should have never <br />

Left you alone, It probably <br />

seems like I'm never coming home <br />

<br />

But I'm so lost, <br />

Living life fast, <br />

Please get off <br />

your ass, so <br />

I Wont waste <br />

Away in Californ-i-a <br />

Lalalalalalalala <br />

Californ-i-a<br />

<br />

Just so you know, <br />

I'm never coming home <br />

I'm having a great day.. <br />

In Californ-i-a <br />

<br />




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