Nerdee - Broken Glass

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Morning comes every time<br />

Lasting until the night<br />

And lately it's been hard to see<br />

Reasons to get on my feet<br />

Searching some kind of light<br />

This tunnel is darker than night<br />

And I'm aching, I'm breaking inside<br />

But you can't see through my smile<br />

Chorus:<br />

Broken glass under my bare feet <br />

You are like a flame that burns me from within (haa, haa)<br />

Like a curse you haunt me in my dreams<br />

You are like an itch that's under my skin (haa, haa)<br />

Now when people get close<br />

They feel the torns of the rose<br />

And I'll break them, I'll tear them apart<br />

I'm cruel 'cause you stole my heart<br />

Chorus<br />

Now you are where I used to be<br />

Feeling what I used to feel<br />

How does it feel?<br />

How does it feel?<br />

Chorus<br />

Broken glass

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