Neformat - Philosophy Of Pain

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Look in the mirror & turn into me<br />

You make me alive & I make you bleed<br />

Neither for money nor for a god<br />

Hey, you know it's all about blood! <br />

<br />

All you want to know is the meaning of life<br />

A right time to kill and a good way to die<br />

I give it to you - in exchange for your blood<br />

Neither for money not for a god<br />

<br />

There're legions of madman bonded by chains<br />

Loosing all faith and forgotten their names<br />

Never mind the death just never mind<br />

Pray for suicide live for suicide! <br />

<br />

Look in the mirror - do you see the shattered face?<br />

Empty eyes keep the question inside hidden place<br />

There's in you a destructive seed<br />

You make me alive & I make you bleed<br />

<br />

We're slaves of blood we're murderers of god<br />

With no tomorrow, we feel so proud<br />

Proud to be a witness of collapse and Holocaust<br />

Don't care 'bout anything we're totally lost"

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