Neformat - Electric Funeral

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Reflex in the sky, <br />

Warn you you're gonna die<br />

Storm coming, you'd better hide<br />

From the atomic tide<br />

Flashes in the sky, <br />

Turns houses into sties<br />

Turns people into clay, <br />

Radiation minds decay<br />

<br />

Robot minds of robot slaves, <br />

Lead them to atomic rage<br />

Plastic flowers, melting sun, <br />

Fading moon falls upon<br />

Dying world of radiation, <br />

Victims of mad frustration<br />

Burning globe of oxy'n fire, <br />

Like electric funeral pyre<br />

<br />

Buildings crashing down<br />

To a cracking ground<br />

Rivers turn to wood, <br />

Ice melting to flood<br />

Earth lies in death bed, <br />

Clouds cry water dead<br />

Tearing life away, <br />

Here's the burning pay<br />

<br />

Electric Funeral<br />

Electric Funeral<br />

Electric Funeral<br />

Electric Funeral<br />

<br />

And so in the sky, <br />

Shines the electric eye<br />

Supernatural king, <br />

Takes earth under his wing<br />

Heaven's golden chorus sings, <br />

Hell's angels flap their wings<br />

Evil souls fall to Hell, <br />

Ever trapped in burning cells!

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