Neformat - Death Observer

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I'm the death observer - I know you're too.<br />

Don't feel shy to be frankly. We need to be cruel -<br />

We are looking for blood with a cynical grin<br />

We need this adrenaline we know what it means.<br />

It's a way to hide fears. A way to feed them up.<br />

We're just waiting for pain & we never say "Stop!"<br />

All we need is to see the pain to have a good rest.<br />

We pay for the other's death. We want it at it's best.<br />

<br />

Searching for supreme power we are death's idolaters.<br />

Subconscious fears make us death's immolators.<br />

There's a bloody line between dreams & reality.<br />

We try to find the right way to immortality.<br />

Pain & blood seems to us like right choice.<br />

We agree & nobody wants to hear reason's voice.<br />

Same old sick scenario we play day by day:<br />

There's a victim & priest. Of course there's pain.<br />

<br />

All we are the death observers! <br />

Now you are the death observer! <br />

<br />

Afraid to face own death we become slaves.<br />

There is no rusty chain. There is only fear's maze.<br />

Misery inside of us turns into the hatred for life.<br />

We try to solve the mystery with a sacrifice knife.<br />

We're not ready to realize that we all are dead.<br />

We're wasting our time on illusions & try to pretend<br />

That we are the gods. It's false - we are the slaves.<br />

Fear is the Master. Facing the death seems the only escape.<br />

<br />

All we are the death observers! <br />

Now you are the death observer! <br />

<br />

There're legions of madmen bonded by chains<br />

Loosing all faith and forgotten their names<br />

Never mind the death just never mind<br />

Pray for suicide live for suicide!

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