Neako - To Not Covet

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I'm reloaded


Come on here, mothaf*cker!

Come on I'm waiting for you

Boy you ain't coming in?

Okay, I'm coming out

Or you never get me now mothaf*cker

I'm gonna bring your s*cker change now

You think you'll became

You gotta f*ck us now, big tight.

You're ready?

Here come the pain

I'm come from pattern and shaded corners

without for warning, I made it blowing that marijuana

Talking what lawyers bout budgets biggers than California

and yet I wonder, how my enemies keep making blonders

my little brothers keep automatics when they trap until they sleep undercovers

hammers clapping, window smashing, niggas fight over colours

what could I tell em I sell em,

they ain't buying it, the lesson is a brick,

They ain't trying it, the less is a flip,

they don't rap nigga, as I drop seat back nigga

I reclimb see time, waste slower than I ever did,

step inside the agem than I ever did,

step inside the game, then our level did

high court the flow is so efortless,

I got new hoes waiting on me,

I got old flows taking off me,

I see the closest people faking on me,

I ask my mama keep safing on me,

I'm so suck and take this way above me

I see the ship like John Gotty, I ain't body,

everybody who somebody straight riding

anybody who been about it and kept climbing

in the rain who maintain any environment

what you think, I spend all of my time rhyming?

it's the vehicle that took me to LA for a week or 2

I'm .. whatever that I'm eager too

all these niggas they covet, because I does it.

My older nigga used to rain on the top,

she would kill for names on the block,

cruise wheel with chains in the block,

then get thrills when all the hoes flock then get chills,

'cause all the cops watch, then come home but time didn't stop

it's new niggas that all the hoes glock,

those old rules that new niggas drop

we cop cars then drive em off the lock,

I say we 'cause I didn't made a lot

since they've been gone, I've been on calling see in my spot

you see I get bored a lot by the voices of pretty women

of niggas who's in the mention, my name simply offensive,

and I f*ck em and double and send em all back to you,

then you tell her you love her, you show her that gratitude

I just flow to the city like act to the plasing my morning rapping

just play this backwards and close your eyes and tell me what happens,

I'm more vans, I'm soul.. to all these rappers,

you in the trance, I call the fav, you call this magic,

haven't rif us for magic for all the sadness,

never trust a nigga, even the baddest,

LVL as growing across the add list,

I'm just working my level this is practice,

I'm smoking weed, my bitches follow my taxes.

Boxes with receit that staying and all of them grabbing

and god told you nigga not to covet,

you can't help yourself because it does it.

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