Neako - The Offerring

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feat. Bonnie Blunts & Fresh Moss

Before you talk pay your ties, I got Andre

Younglings on the …

No doctor can prescribe a remedy for these similes, it’s indescribable

Feel the cold in my line, seen daddy way back doing bold as a lion

I’m …in his prime, the cloud that I’m on bears a nine

Follow me down this purple brick road, ain’t no wizards involved

It’s just some bitches and cars

I need a light skin girl with a lot of courage

I got weed so I never get discouraged

The new niggas have arrived to salvage y’all, we came from the heavens

Even though we raising hell got niggas 18 on the run, escaping jail

These words are too mean, listen close as I excel

Drink your wine while it’s still warm, look at the time while it’s still going

Smoking bar weed, feeling more paranoid

And fuck, I think I need another phone, I think my momma need another home

Time to make it happen, let me do it with these words

Sipping codeine soda, got my vision blurred, kinda impaired

Got my sipping slurred, what are you saying, that we do this

Every yale white cell, that’s the true shit

I got a level that’ll make your whole view switch

You never abducted by the new clique, blowing weed through stained glass

My regime, did we take cash? Drinking wine out the goblet

Everyone will recite this

Drink the wine ‘fore it is warm

Drink the wine ‘fore it is warm

Drink the wine ‘fore it is warm

Drink the wine ‘fore it is warm

Elevate my mind, wanna get up in my brain

Remember that one time, take that chick that make me lain

When you touch your half friends nothing is the same

But I levitate like a fucking phoenix out the rain

Puff magic dragon, exhale out flames

Slow back to back, smoke up to my knees

Some do it for the fun, I do it not to go insane

It’s levels to attain, every girl white cell, join a campaign

Bitches led a fast life, sipping champagne

Middle finger to my past life, swearing through the lanes

Jolly ranches on ice at the …feeling fire in the plain

Then I come back to Earth feeling rebirth

These niggas feel thirst when they see me spit a verse

But I got that voodoo how I leave them in the curse

These bitches talking doodoo time I put them in the dirt

The Lord giveth finna Lord taketh

Fuck nigga, I could do the same

Every white cell likes that, yeah, my nigga, you could do the same

They call me Skinny Fresco, just one of my many names

A nigga started from the bottom then worked my way up

Then it became, I smoke weed, sip lean, don’t pop pills

Here’s a cool skinny nigga with some hot wheels

These niggas thinking every day many not real

Love a mark’s smith, pick a target, they get shot, killed

It’s levels to this shit, every yale white cell, got ‘em all

I’m always on the court like Bron ‘cause a nigga gotta ball

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