Neako - The Kanye Killer

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It’s so special how we came right back!

Let’s open the chapters!

Na, na, na, na!

Yeah, yeah, na, na, na!

Oh, oh!

You guessed it

Who better than coming off with this message?

Complex, cerebral affected by money and bitches neked

The flow, unexpected, I keep my doors protected

Everything that I projected, I did it, no second guessing.

My own clothing covers my back, momma is stabbed with

Checks that I gather and hid them all in her stash, quick!

Roll upon me now, and I promise you get your ass clip

Ritchie B posted, he begging me just to blast clips.

On my last shit, I broke a kid around the.. list.

They’re sick of rode rappers, never just last and oh,

Get away with this soul, and took it up north

Your light teaches all there!

Just stand in front of your courts.

Well, I’m the messenger… from the future, levels the…

Seriously, these…remove ya.

Take your consumers without no effort

Inside my mouth there was metal from the ghetto,

But I’m not froze pedal! Yeah, gather around kids,

Get in touch with your soul, learn what the sound is!

… I had to drown this

Can’t twist the…

Killing these niggas, leaving the bitches naked.

I kill for momma like I’m Jason.

… my placements, my clever mind is ever so spacious

Your girl I’m with is ever so gracious

She here now, but later, we will be strangers!

Yeah, take these words in Kabala

I grew up seeing Allah, I grew up knowing Jesus

I make these bitches holler, I give these children reason

You’re listening to a scholar, these levels are no secret!

Words driven behind a crucifix

And these niggas, anyone of them, now take a pick!

I played you… it takes some skill

When you’re doing this, now give thanks to this truest shit!

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