Neako - The Holy III

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(feat. Fresh Moss & Barry Bondz)

It’s like the holy III

When we come together

Come get and duck about the

Most radical union we unmatchable

Our ..was made in the truth remains factual

The holy III as I focus and roll his weed

My soul is glowing his free, my angels controlling me,

I promise have the time and while they was all reclining,

I’m reminded everything braining the diamond,

I’m just rhyming bring you some flows, I’m bringing consuming,

Now let’s be honest this level is timeless

I just spark to your brain, I take a part on your frames,

They putting together than do with all the gang man,

To make a better you, my bitches faces looking like the letter you

Whenever that I show up with that revenue,

Instead of you question come join with the kings,

Lords of the underground getting tall without wings,

When I’m awake, I’m living all of your dreams,

I’ll do it slower, do it with speed,

Let’s go, come take a walk down his grave,

Grab the.. in help, f*ck you’re diggin yourself

Will watch from levels up,

Will rap in triple 7, don’t do it for better luck,

Read or engage on others f*ck and may count on us,

And ain’t no love in the city amongst villains,

I’m from the village with children with all killers,

There ain’t no hope, the eldest call of the sin

‘cause within you can’t stop we already begin.


Uh, for real everybody should hide,

Most that kill em all, nobody survives,

Teaching every rapper so nobody deprive,

I got a million flows and cuffins for every size,

Lord forgive me, forgive me or reckless I know that we

I speak it their poe, all of my niggas devoted,

I’m focused I’m watching I’m..

I gotta miss nothing, I’m give it,

Pull my card if you think that I’m bluffing

Let me elaborate, we won’t collaborate,

Truth and lies don’t makes in, this mother*ckers fabricate,

Everything they ever said, everything they ever did,

Everything they said they live, that’s something that I can’t forget,

..hush puppies, you better hush puppies on my ..

Till you better ..skimmy .. on nigga who better

And couldn’t engage my power level

would they could be with a new better?

You’ll hear the pain in the intro,

It cooperate the cane in the pink flow,

..the song rightful the hair..

how your family staring the sting glass windows,

yeah these niggas lames they don’t get dough me,

I got the hustle from my kid, is property man,

Love the nights on this poverty can,

Then I started treating life like a monopoly game,

I’m a shooter with no license, ball street fighter,

You can ..4-56 in this bitch like I’m vicing,

40 on my hand call it earn Mike Tyson,

Y’all ain’t really got this life man

And find him that I’m next to grave,

You wanna stretch on that extra bey,

These niggas fake but they just deception grey

I’m the type to drop a bird in the collection plate.

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