Neako - That LVL

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I figure I come back around

And bring LVL with me

Yeah, some of my young niggas never seen an airplane

Some of my real niggas won’t breathe air again

So many bad hoes that I won’t fuck again

So many levels out here to be obtained

I’m a real model, tipped on to follow

I did it without heavily costumed model

When them shots ring off you can’t duck the hollows

If your bitch in my car she gotta suck and swallow

I rose up from the graveyard, tell ‘em mortal niggas I go way hard

Lost my father and I thought I would fail

But look at you mens, I’m going way far

Got a lot of paper tucked, never see me in the media

For the height I don’t give a fuck

When you on everybody claim that, they believe in you

With these hoes I’m just getting nothing

Seen two deals, then I had to level up

One check, two check, yep, tell ‘em up

I got a label I can sign you, join us

You’ll die if you try to destroy us

Put time in the game, we ain’t rhyming the same

Hoes multiply when I’m signing my name

Young sexy girl I’m outside of her frame

Can’t feed my place ‘cause you’re not on my lane

God sent the words and they all in my brain

Spoke to the youth then all of them came

My home boy died then I would’ve pulled the chain

At this level shouldn’t never be the same



I smoke all day just to calm my nerves

I smoke all night and record these words

I made something out of nothing

All these niggas with the talk, but nothing gets heard

All these niggas absurd, I park big wheels on the side of the curve

Still down with my sane niggas

Even if we don’t speak, I’m the same nigga

Look at my back, I had wings before, all this shit I feel I’ve seen before

We challenge any affair, guarantee who gonna leave a scar

LVL, White Cell, yeah, sir, that true shit

A lot of my niggas make news clips, but I’m tryina have us on true shits

Erase some foes, making clothes, move the three Os when we take the show

Take some racks, make it grow, at the top floor with naked hoes

That shit I’ve seen, but real shit, I’m my brother’s keeper

So I morph it in, what I got for me so the set is equal

Through these words I teach you, may these levels reach you

I put my life in these lines then turn them into levels then put them in your mind

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