Neako - Staircases & Elevators lyrics

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They say I'm the next nigger in the line now

They used to think I'd be a nigger in the line now

Holding a sign up, sooner or later … the jail, using a … to get his rims up

But I'm the … got the little mama blow a ganja

Tripping lobster, smoking weed, drinking vodka

Eating pasta, living life like a mobster,

Like my father, why do I bother

Ah, I'm a future … general

Tell a gang hit man get ready you

Got a couple old girl we can hit a few

It's been a little change that will get you in the mood

Man these niggers can't breathe when I'm standing in the room

All them all on my sleep, smoking good weed, bad broad yeah she with me

You probably seen her in the magazine

I'm in that … and I am blowing trees

Driving through my town like I don't know the speed

Let the window down so she can feel the breeze, nah

It's probably cause she couldn't breathe

I just do it for my city though

Real niggers, real bitches in my videos

Tell them bring it on, I can go and pick the flow

Car service when they land on a different coast

Now blowing on that different smoke, self made nigger living by … really cold

I think I'm on, I can feel the flow,

Same movie nigger but I play a bigger role

Smoking dope, lay back kicking dough

Niggers know, it's … till I go

Acting … big joint fill my shows

Look bro, the whole skies with the o

Yeah, the whole skies with the o

Yeah, the whole skies with the o

Yeah, staircases.<br />

<br />

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