Neako - Seven Saints

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(feat. Fresh Moss)


You two roll, I love this world!

I love champagne, fast cars, airplanes

This is so amazing!

The way I don’t worry about everything

The way of the garden .

Heavenly father, this is long due

You open the gates and then you turn me lose

I perfected my aim when it’s my turn to shoot

I chases out the wicked and leave burning roofs

I set a blaze, they were so amazed by my grace and are you jealous?

Will you place your faith, I got the sake to say

The fate can stop today, are you willing to play?

… I can leave ya

But it’s in my blood to be a leader

Even if in the end I get Caesar

Trying to teach the shit that I believe this.

Yeah, yeah, that ain’t the half of it

All the niggas you’re seeing, they’re all mass puppets

… form himself I got the last of it

And the prettiest bitches, I got their ass jumping.

If you’re willing to listen, you can grab something

All my niggas is killers, they got the mass on ‘em

While I’m flipping these words, they’re steady flipping the keys

While they’re pushing the birds, I’m only selling CDs.

You know, you know, this is lyrical yoga,

The purplest potion I sip it with soda,

The mission you know, but ‘til I’m in a bit of smoking,

Yo bitches come over, better listen what I told you!

Money, bitches, cars and the fame

In the last four years I added that to my name (my name).

Cold …in my veins, I was smoking the eyes, yeah, it numbs all the pain

Never hit by the rain, this Yves Saint Laurent put down everything

Put that on my chain, yeah, I put it on my momma name

If you’ll ever jump, then you’ll hear a lot of pains, yeah!

A whole lot of pains, whole lot of tattoos, whole lot of chains

Whole lot of names, whole lot of games

From the young ghetto I got a whole lot of range.

Stand tall, nigga! You don’t fall, nigga

I stack up and then cash out

Every time I hit the mall, I max out

Chilling with the bad got us in the back out

I never back out, I’m front line,

I’m fresh and awesome and you know this!

I can swap flows, I’m capo, way papo get focused.

My mind in the future, my heart in the past

My soul in the present for coming second

At first in my… that… my legend

My eyes red as hell and I’m higher than Heaven!

Yeah, they go hard, go harder

Skinny any fresco, the model

I lie ‘em up like the baba, huh!


I keep her switching the flow at the click of a…

If I’m into your hoe, that means she’s been in a row

She been, been rolling the weed

She been, been smoking with me

I mean, it’s a great big deal,

Just a young skinny nigga pushing… big wheels.

I get Mary Jane killed every time I get lined up and my torch just spill

In my mind I was ill (ill, ill), but in my heart I was still (still, still)

Got my momma in the woods, got my soldiers on the plane

But my niggas getting killed (killed)

I couldn’t tell you how I felt,

Just listen to the lyrics and the truth shall reveal!

I already seen Hell, I go to sleep in Heaven, never woke up in jail (jail).

No friends with the jail

Billy had a daddy …

He hustle in the alley.

Smooth … talking on the…

I got God as my…

While I’m blowing this…

Seeing like so (so real)

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