Neako - Put That On Everything

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YouTube world, I love this world

Champagne fax cards, ..

I got the prince with me


If I don't know nothing you know I'm rapping where I came from

And when it goes down, you know that I'ma be the same one

You put that on everything, man I put that on my homie,

you you put that on everything, man I put that on this rolly

And when I'll be rolling I keep on going till it's all done

if're smoking you better go until it's all done

I put that on everything, man I put that on this check

You put that on everything, man I put that on my set.

I go harder, don't get tight, how you think I got this empire

Ain't good I don't miss fire, I got be this high

Made a deal with the man upstairs,

now my watch is like the chandelier

my zebra caught us up standing here

LA guess we all ..

got the concubine that's with me

have em ghost into your city

she in love with my empire she travel the way and come to seat with me

my enemy is all of so, apply to the move and take all home,

I'm burying the secret crown, it's all go with rest on

none of these guys on my side, I'm too talk let's sky high

may be the empire state, your bitch tells me that I'm great

injure .. when I drive by, ain't secret about my mob ties,

I run this thing like five guy..we just eat dinner just my ..

yeah, shots fire, man down it's all the town,

a red bone she on further, her booty big and that's all mine,

yeah, I keep my eyes open, I'm ready for the resistance

has the reality is my witness .. for my bitches


Let's go!

Taking trips with my new hoe, OT to go buy clothes

then he's back to my city bitch, so rock sipping like Diddy bitch

hold up put the phone up, now I'm ..sipping slow

must have left my mind cellphone keys at the front

though I'm racked up and you know that

I'm young and I don't give a fuck

my paper long like trade smoke, I'm rolling up that gas smoke

one time I'm a street nigga, two times I'm a walking leg

but y'all niggas won't ride shit, I put that on my rolly

my shooters they talk ..and they will leave you holly

hallelujah praise God, leave em all the sky

flow six jet up, checked never bounce they cleared up

big buts like brick .. man it go linked up,

and locked down, two fingers double, f*ck pussy nigga running

click up 'cause my squad hard is f*ck we go reckless

I said my squad we go reckless


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