Neako - LVLevels

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Yeah, it’s level to this shit, yeah it’s levels to this shit

Meek wasn’t lying, yeah it’s levels to this shit

He’s just another real nigga telling you to shit

Better try to learn the moment, do it better in this bitch

My set, lvl, young sex life hoe, that’s ysl

Got a ring here bitch, call her lvl

Real life home boy, no fairy tale

Yeah lvl 3 times a level was a message

To you hating motherfuckers that we ain’t the same level

It don’t matter what these silly bitches tell you

We will never be the same, don’t buy what they selling

My young niggas keep the semi auto yelling

Taking orders from the devil, but they send you up to heaven

Just as quick as a prayer from your nanny nigga

All the ones I used to know can’t stand a nigga

Them be the ones that are try to go and jam a nigga

But my shooter’s tivo, don’t demand nigga

I press play and that’s that

Then hit re run and make em come back

Took my mama out the hood and that’s a fact

Gaining levels tell me what you call that

Lost my nigga when that hammers went rah

On his first on my homes said he was going back

He went away and away went on the scene

All I see is franklins right in front of me

She pussy poppin on the hand stand

I throw a couple stacks now she up under me

Bought a chevy and I get it with the work

Got a crib and I did it with the verbs

My og’s rich and they did it with the birds

And I didn’t but I still got my mama in the burbs

I won’t call myself rich yet

Just a young skinny nigga with very big checks

I break em down with my set

Erybody good, hey running my flex

It’s all levels in this bitch

Lvl, ysl, all together in this bitch

The way she work the toe she need a medal in this bitch

Build to build a 9 to nothing it’s no levels in this shit, nah

My little brother’s blood and I’m strapped

These niggas shedding blood over sets

I try to show em different, but these little niggas vex

17 with a tek and a vest

You might see em with me at the interview

Had to get em out the hood just to see the view

You might see em at the show

The only one that come case somebody gotta go

They think on a whole different level

I’m from building 88, we was all there together

But I had to get myself together

And put my hood on it, let the world know our message

Lvl in my dna, I thank the lord I could be today

Sippin champagne, standin on the balcony

Let’s toast to these levels on the count of 3.

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