Neako - La Vida Loca

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Always felt I was the nigga, I just never knew

Tell that bitch get a nigga with some revenue

With my bitch bending corners in a pepsi blue

Camaro nigga, who the fuck are you?

Cat got your tongue, nigga don’t hold your breath

Unless you smoking kill and you feel it in your chest

Feel I’m the best, I agree with you bro, I agree with you girl

Lglysl, go ahead and yell

Lglysl, go ahead and yell

Over in France I hear they say that your boy is the coldest

I never been and still felt so the love was unnoticed

I see it now more than ever, we growing to soldiers

And bad bitches who keep weed and they know how to roll it

Pardon my emotions, but I’ve been sippin on potion

And smoking some shit that’s making it harder to focus

Every man’s letter goes, they just do me no justice

I’m just wasting my money, I’m just buying for nothing

I sag anyway, so really I’m buying for stunting

I copped a condo for the most valuable woman

And put her up in there, she good, retired and chilling

When you’re crying, I’m killing, when you’re tired I’m willing

My mother want a grandchild, she crying for children

I get rid of them every night as I condoms I fill them

On the top of these buildings, chilling with models and women

Below is my whip and, valee the attendant go get it

Lvlysl, go ahead and yell

Lvlysl, go ahead and yell

It’s funny how niggas act, they don’t get involved with this rap shit

Unless you came up and you know the survival tactics

I’m way too real to be chilling with all these rappers

That be fucking all these bitches to telling me all they actions

In a hotel suit, I’m fucking her and she laughing, screaming

This is so amazing, the feeling so classic

All these grimace game niggas, I use them for target practice

You ain’t gonn like me if you thinking you thinking backwards

I swear to god my father heard me on the radio

He did now, but he took that up, with his soul

I shut his eyes and got right back to getting money

No time for crying, time to fuck em till they love me

That was 2 years ago and now you motherfuckers love me

I gave her room keys now she up there waiting for me

She waiting up cause she know it’s going down

She know the deal straight kill, what you know about?

Lvlysl, go ahead and yell

Lvlysl, go ahead and yell

Lvlysl, go ahead and yell

Lvlysl, go ahead and yell.

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