Neako - Hot Boys 3000

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You could be god or be a villain

Be both and you better your eyes to amongst the killers

We smoke and drive our cars, we stars amongst these bitches

Police be taking pictures, of all of my little niggas

I’m just a popular figure, did it singing no limits

I’m in it until I’m finished

The sentence could mean good writtens

Whenever my palms itchin

My scriptuers always prolific,

I play the role of morticians, whenever my hands draw

It’s all, I stand tall

I’m a lvl god, ysl my squad

This is no mirage, the flow’s in a collage

Ah, could you picture that, where the fuck the figure’s at

Money on my mind, a single thought I can’t get rid of that

They never knew me and they never will

These niggas change like the weather still

I’m doing better still, gold rollie, oister face straight out the water

I wake and bake, right at 8 by 10 I burn the quarter

El chapo, west side, I’m a rider

Flame spittin hot boy verbs like lava

Damage images, them niggas hot like the kitchen

With 2 stoves in it, and 4 pots whippin

Hop the block, look what I got

Young nino without snitching

Trap hot like casinos and neighbors bitchin

I got it, you gotta get it

By time you get there, I’m young and reckless lane switchin

He pushed the blue thing, the coupe thing

Without the license

I push the new thing, the new team is not inviting

And now enviroinment, is gun firing all violent

Remain silent for my zebra stump is start a riot

I’ve been a nigga, I’ve been a titan, they all biting

I’m well enlightened, they’ll never like me because they frighten

I take your bitch and make her travel the 7 seas

We in the game, my shooters handle the referies

I don’t preach, I teach, get your education

Lvl, ysl, this the legislation

This my declaration, you niggas never better

I’m better than whoever,

You niggas bet your cedar

It costs to be the boss, just know the price is hefty

For every right I done, there’s friend that left me

Wish I could tell you different, but they all the same

The story of my life, I had to loose to gain

I had to loose to love, just to get alive

Watch it surround this, these niggas sittin blind

I made my way nas, turnt it up a notch

Beenie blanco from the block, my bitch look like a fox

Trid tryina gez and this spicy red drop

Place your bet young and hot

Summertime fly, I am everything they not

It’s money over here, broke nigga get a knot

Live life look jewlery and some car shots

You send them over, I go and order the palm box

There’s been a slaughter, the grave diggers diggin the plot

The family at the viewing, I’m uzzin em make them watch

Who put me to come and offered the eulogy

True indeed, now your soldiers intombed with me

They follow under my orders, of course I made it well worth it

Cause all of my bitches perfect, I’m bying your bitches purses

While you rest under the surface

I never loose a game, money can’t remove the pain

Fiction favor, askin coexist, but only truth remains

That’s just the logic nigga

Stock your profit nigga show no emotion

Like a gothic nigga, got it nigga

You think outside the box, I think outside the shapes

And what they call good, I consider great

First I meditate, then I levitate

Then I regulate, let it resignate

Loyalty over royalties, lvl, ysl affirm, belly of the beast

It’s our turn, we like the mob

Hire outter talent to do the job

I bet your man won’t ride like he forgot his bus pass

I’m a beast if you must ask

Monday to mustang, Tuesday to peckin

Jag I be killin them, weapons of mass destruction

We concealin them, floating razor like killium

None of this niggas did to him

Better off puttin fear in them

They suffer from delerium

All of the saints are steerin them, follow that north star

These niggas they can’t believe it, I’m speaking the sub part

If ever they lie on my nitch,

That would be the day they forever lie in the ditch

Watch, cause the serpent could be inside of your click

Driving you as you sit, before you blink your eyes

You know they driving you off a cliff

That’s the last mark, of the meter

Like noth korea, we could blast off

Gave you life from your last draw

Before you know it, you open

And hopin I lend you some focus

Just know I was a ghost when I spoke this.

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