Neako - Creeping

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[Hook: Neako]

I got five swisher, five dutches

A pack of papers, I'm ready to go

Riding out four deep, my young niggas they letting it blow

A bunch of pills, a bunch of syrup, only one car just to let you know

Where we going nobody knows

We blowing smoke, plus trained to go

We creeping, lurking, creeping, lurking

We creeping, lurking, creeping, lurking

We creeping, lurking, creeping, lurking

We creeping, lurking, creeping, lurking

[Verse 2: LVLYSL]

Yeah, they call me Frenchie more dollar signs

I'm killing everything like Columbine

LVLYSL that's my set, bottom line

Hater's try to block me, but these niggas couldn't stop my shine

[Verse 3: LVLYSL]

If I ain't with my niggas, then I'm with my bitches

Inhale smoke, blowing circles to the ceiling

LVLYSL, fuck feelings

Uh, all my bitches drink the Henny' all night

Hop on top, and we rock the dick right

Ain't got the time if a bitch wanna fight

I just throw the hands up, leave the ho out of sight

[Verse 4: LVLYSL]

151, ?

Get money, I'm ratching it

Boy fuck the bank, Imma' stash it nigga

Money stretched long like elastic nigga

S.S. Coupe come through, we fuck your main and then we pass it nigga

They call me Young ? nigga

Diamonds shine bright like plasma nigga

[Verse 5: LVLYSL]

If you're late, let me catch you up up to speed

I'm the illest I'm the realest

I'm in a different league, NASA please

[Verse 6: LVLYSL]

Yeah three chains on my neck, one watch on my wrist

Gotta be that Bentley ? all on that shit

[Verse 7: LVLYSL]

Uh, sit back and I meditate, roll up and I levitate

Bust guns never hesitate, getting money bitch I regulate

[Verse 8: LVLYSL]

Nigga's wanna speculate

Our future world, they yesterday

Spending money on a escapade, ever since young we're renegades


[Verse 9: LVLYSL]

We LVL, my bitch ?

I'm twenty four-seven like quick check

Nigga's up now so we got next

Give a fuck about a hater, leave a nigga to rest

Uh, ask around Fresco known around

World gang golden child, yes a nigga holds it down

[Verse 10: LVLYSL]

Popping perc's, whylin' out, smoking dope with my wild nigga's

Paper route like a paper boy, stack my money like Yao nigga

Bet our gang getting money man, stacking money we proud nigga

LVL we up nigga, YSL we up nigga

[Verse 11: LVLYSL]

Uh, your nigga wanna bust it open like a sesame

Trying to make me ? that's a penalty

Bitches dog food, eating up the Pedigree

? to the top, prosperity

Uh, gotta level up, take a flight mentally

These bitches lurking I can smell the ambien

Mixed with jealousy, but I ain't trying to be like Remy catching felonies


[Verse 12: LVLYSL]

One ounce, two strains

Three's up, four chains

Five cars, six bitches

Seven digits, eight gangs

Top cat, nine lives

Flow sharp, like ten knives

Your main bitch is my main side

I'm trained to go and I'm ready to rob


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