Neako - Constantine

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Roll up a blunt and say fuck the other side

Roll up a joint and say fuck the other side

I’m from the city where the sons and mothers die

And I can see your soul by looking in your eyes

Don’t make me take that, tell me where you fake that

My apex is so right like safe sex

My young niggas is ape shit, they stay strapped

And they with me, so think about it and stay back

Trying to go my disciples, hand crosses and rifles

Niggas die, my projects, nobody cares, it’s trifle

Turn your back for one second, that’s when they knife you

Throw stones just to hit your face, all that is to smite you

Play ball and play hard, and end up like Michael

Fight hard and bite hard, you end up like Michael

But try to heal the world though, you end up like Michael

Got my army ready to ride against them like Michael

On … that’s quadro, it’s blanco, head hancho

My flow’s like a hydra, I’m all pro like …

Slo mo that ghost flow, I’m real nice like old folks

I go where my soul goes, my soul knows where dough is

High as fuck with my old bitch

High as fuck with my new girl

You still stuck on that old shit, get into this new world

Gang, gang, triple 7 gang, we remain, and pray

To always stay the same

I’m getting money, maybe my words will reach you

Cause I’ve been praying for this shit, when me and god speaking

And now I got a bigger deal, yeah I took some minions

I’m coming motherfuckers, you better believe it.

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