Neako - Cloud 333

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feat. Bonnie Blunts

Ah, I’m floating on cloud 9

I’m feeling results, of a 9 win about mine

Been in the trances, 9, it’s about time

I’m a rhyme, I just riddle facts

Money and cars is the things that they give you back

All in the projects, tell me can you picture that

I’m in a places that I never seen you niggas at

I ain’t lying, switch flows I ain’t trying

You been tryina sell me info, I ain’t buyin

Put in work, many hours, I was slave, many powers

I display, make these cowards run away

I drift like the weed smoke, inhale, exhale as we go

Spanish girls yeah they sippin henny

You can get it, if you tryina spend it, pretty penny follow me

Money on my mind, put the dummies in line

With my back against the wall, never slippin, never fall

Hittin licks from the winter to the fall

Need a real nigga only is up when I call

Wish I can do tease while you shoppin in the mall

Hit the streets, smoking dutches of the vault

Get me home, hit the sheets, no pennies, no draws

Buckin to me soft, I’m a rebel with a cause

Then we take em to a tour, niggas always want more

But I ain’t got the time, tryina make the world mine

But I rhyme my mental, so taking my 10-4, like I was a winslow

You get it, don’t regret it, if I said it

Bitches hating on the low

But I don’t never sweat it, just dead in them falls

Let me get this fetty, paper chase on my toes

So I’m always on the go

Never going down, call up another round, it’s the lvl sound

These levels are endless, my enemies senseless

Pull up and pull off in a big boy engine

You niggas defenseless, my youngers relentless

The plane lefal, nigga we living

My verses are terrible, but all my niggas in prison

I’m good with the words but even great with the vision

I could reach you from far, I got the illest precision

I done a lot on my own, so I could earn my own throne

Stack up and get this money and get a new home

Acting but feel the pressure, a nigga hood grown

I set out for glory, I own the pen, the form, writing the story

I see no nigga before me, or anywhere in sight

This is celebratory, let’s go!

Queen with a crown, every down for whatever

Whenever wherever on my Maxwell shit

Pluck pigeons by the feather, they off like they gather

Blunts on the dresser, make moves that’s clever

Under pressure, I never fold

I got 9 lives, let the story be told

I be the black cat, with my eyes cold

Listen the moon way, and let the time go

I’m tryina do right, but I can’t move slow

Hit the pedal to the floor cause I can’t get enough

And I always want more

Push the button on you hoes, while I’m making all the noise

Pushing big boy toys in the ring like Floyd

Get your niggas high and I’m home paranoid

All my bitches high, flick it up on polaroid

I gotta get high just to get by

Blowing weed, smoke, level up,

This shit would be televised.

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