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[Hook: Neako]

All of my niggas is whylin'

Hitting them licks in the projects

Making it out is the object

They popping them five's on my set

Building your set is the process

All on your bosses mind set

Can get you this money and fly shit

My limit is up where the sky is

I'm tall, so tall, I'm getting tall my nigga

You small, so small, I was born to ball my nigga

I'm tall, so tall, I'm getting tall my nigga

You small, so small, I don't plan to fall my nigga

[Verse 1: Neako]

Rolling up, rolling up

Rolling up, I keep floating up

All these hoes, they know what's up

They always wanna just go with us

I'm like hold up ho, gotta wait in line, gotta take your time

Even though your fine, yeah we could fuck

Not wine and dine, no nothing border line

I'm from the projects girl, turn corporate in a white man's world

Go to white with the pearl, Rolex nigga watch it do the twirl

Now I get these checks from a guy named Ed and a guy named Chuck

Look at my luck, let them tell it I would be here stuck

Well I'm not cause I'm out here, building up what I dreamed of

Got my nigga's and we teamed up

Got a coupe full of girls and they leaned up

Halloween we ain't fucking with the molly

Cup full of purp', then we drop in the Jolly's

Oz's of the Cali, got another Englewood parked in the alley

With them out west, burning the best, smoke in my chest

Far from the set, move back girl

And she all on my texts, call me up never calling her back

Topped me off, I was all on her neck

Didn't let me fuck, it was all in respect

With this lame nigga that was calling her shit

She told me that pussy belonged to her nigga

Fuck is wrong with her nigga

Cause she was with me just crawling and twisting

We was all on a mission, I'm balling her up in all these positions

Then she suddenly twisting weed from earlier that I had got

Whipping new corners, and hitting the block

I'm circling, corners nigga

Super speed, I let all that go

In the streets just soaring nigga

Get used to me, I'm letting all y'all know


[Verse 2: Nasa]

Penthouse suites, bad bitches calling me papi

My hustle on gold, my niggas still is in these hallways

They hustle all night, and spend money all day

If she a bad bitch she got hella swag, then send em' my way

Cause I'm riding round in that ghost, looking like a ghost

Smoking on that dope, my pockets overdose

Your nigga done bossed up, nothing what it cost us

But some new hoes and some bricks, riding round in that whip

That bulldog leave him bit, fuck around and leave him bit

Make dollars make cents, make sense make comma's

Nigga's bad bitch fucked the team, LVL bitch we the team

Young and sipping lean, murdering everything

We three'd up throwing three's up

Young fly niggas with our feet up

She a bad bitch, straight diva

We beat her and then leave her

Fucking ?

Pussy Aquafina

LVL riching, nigga

Go hard for my team, nigga


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