Neako - About You & Her & Me

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Seeing everything pass by

I’m only really happy, when I’m that high

Nowadays I’ma say God, bitches be f*cking on the first day can’t lie,

Little brother face a murder charge

I ain’t write them yet, we both from the projects,

22 real still young and I pray every day that he ain’t done

What do I tell em hoes his head?

When it can do like ten,

My pops going he’s dead,

I haven’t been right since,

Took mama out the ghetto tough,

When you let the metal blow,

Catch the flights with this better hoes,

Never heard em when they said I couldn’t

They just poisoned the hood nigga trippin ..

Shawty said I wanna know about you

Said the address but I never came through,

That was yesterday but now I’m here,

Sitting closed though, talking in the air

There she told the friends to come here,

T-shirt cover in the air, nothing else though might go fresh though

For some help though, my next flow is

Sponsor by sower strength is way stronger than all of these cowards

And I got hope that I’m taller than I got hoes then I’m smaller,

And that is my wipe and just she is just model then

F*cking that girl she been hollering,

Say is my p**sy she hollering

All of my law she follow it.

She say she never tried this, but she real in the day

But she willing to play, I took her up and got it

She feeling different today now she willing to pray

You can never find us, now with my niggas today I’m with this bitches today

Now, I’m telling these niggas lie

I’m giving less toda, giving blessing today

I need to know about you.

Say you’ll never let me go, let me go

Say say you love me,

Never wanna let me go

Love you, love you though

Say you’ll never let me go, let me go

Say you …

I love this world

I love champagne, post cards L paints

This is so amazing …


This is that lyrical serial blow

I pray to God that he give em a miracle though

Bad twist the worlds, but your kids gotta go,

I get a hoe, the control a f*ck you so,

My .. all my niggas know the call,

My set is why I said, all my bitches know they roll

Don’t be mad girl you know the game,

It’s a whole lot of game, but you feel pain,

You can never ever regain

And I’m all about that paper not a motherf*cking hater

And my knees say a prayer for my niggas that ain’t here now,

So numb, I don’t even share tears now

All these niggas seem real now

I ain’ t .. and all through the summer, let you niggas do your numbers

I’m all for my slumber, take it off your plate, place it all in my stomach,

After dinner table, just fingering your woman,

But she love me do it, she say she being to it,

My team if you do it, I mean we the truest

We don’t take, we influence,

I swear we the truest, I swear we the truest .

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