Neako - 777

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Takes time being with me! Yeah

I'm right back, so here it goes with several Phil raps...

Compliment it with real flows

I never turn that when the ... closed

I should have known that what you love will soon go

Sipping.. is the only thing that I do slow

And getting money fast is one thing that I do know

And lost friends, but lost friends ain't lost in so often

I think I'm blaming myself when it was all in...

Flows most of my niggers in jail, close most of my shit

Set up the trap and the real foes keep your eyes...

Certainly watch what you tell hoes only for the weekend

In the wood of Hollywood I'm creeping

Through my shades I see them bitches peeking

but my team is full!

My point God is a killer, my powerful was a winner

..and they're all color vanilla

Tell me what you're saying nigga

I'm back on these nigga, they swore it's so finished

I rap for these niggas, my spirit is authentic

Bring the favourite bitch to favourite rapper to my city

All the ladies chick to take a trip, and fly with me

Skip the Vegas trip to apply pressure on my nigga

I'm a visionary, my final vision is the sky's limit

She could be your girl, but it's my pussy when I'm in it

I'm not finished, yeah

cause when it's all set and done

I'mma be ...

Sitting in the hot tub like look at I've done

And what they show it's not love, I know they think I'm dumb

Just know that when them shots come, all they do is run

All they do is flee from literal me

I'm blowing Southern smoke, or maybe OG

Them groupie dummies let you down,

now put your faith in me, yeah!

Yes, yes, yes!

It's only one way up!

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