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Native Construct - The Spark Of The Archon lyrics

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The archon: so disimpassioned

Why can't we see there is more here?

More grandeur to life

We are all so uninspired

It seems that we've all given up

Content with hardly livin' life

I must find more

I must break free

I refuse to remain in this senseless cage with them

I must find more

But how can I break free?

My head is spinnin' with this one question

I have reached a dead end

There's not much more I can endure

Perhaps the only option I have is to jump

And abandon all of this

Oh misery, u mercilessly

Keep weight on their wings

They won't fly free

But i've leapt from these clouds

& now the wind shows me a new way of life

& I forget all their problems quite easily

& I believe that such a leap will make them see

That their troubles are small & worth no woe at all

For there's salt in the sky as I lend myself to the sea

Sinister silence: u will neva understand

The archon: oh harmony, it seems i've found u in the sea

For now I see the complete spectrum

& I must bring this balance back home

We can now be complete

Ca ra zu

Ni mu, pa tu

Li vu

Ca ra zu

Ni mu pa-tu

Li vu ra zu

Ni mu pa tu

Sinister silence: do u think u can defy me?

The archon: sinister silence, I am a god now too.

Sinister silence: u so called 'archon' choose a path u can't amend.

The archon: no, surely we will neva reach an end,

Together: for u will neva understand

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