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I am marched to the gallows, for I've done so much wrong

She was just a child, but now, in Silence she lies

With all her innocence gone

I have begged for forgiveness til the days grew too long

For my mind & my soul to hold & endure the disgrace

But death will rid me of this state

Silence has called me back

To let me be with you at last

I'll feel your innocent face again

I won't hesitate to return

(Bring him back)

Bring me back

(Let this noose start your passage)

Bring me back!

(Let it bring you back!)

Bring me back, for I still long to see her

Without the weight of this misguided place

I will transcend thee

Misery, oh how I've wished to suspend thee

Harmony, I will befriend thee in death

What is this horrible place?

Why aren't my torments erased?

Where is my coveted piece of harmony?

They promised I'd feel your fair face

Oh Sinister, your trickery!

This was your plan along

Condemnin' me for my devilry

I was wrong

& now I know that there is no escape

I could beg for forgiveness as these foul winds howl on

But my soul is wreathed in black

Perhaps this is just where I belong

& finally I see her face

'My precious darlin', how I've longed to hold you!'

But as my hands approach her face

She turns to a wraith to rule my fate

I am cursed to eternally face the sins I have wrought

Her eyes ablaze, she tells me I will neva see light

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