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Native Construct - Come Hell Or High Water lyrics

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I still think to myself & wonder if this was worth it

For it seems that these days I can't stand still for a moment

(I'm sick of driftin') & my feet won't rest or re-oppress their pivotin'

Oh Misery, ur familiar face still lingers around

(Oh Harmony, I neva see ur face around)

Needless to say, I'm a victim of Lunacy

but that can't begin to explain how

This happened to me, for I still can't believe

That my life is now constantly pulsed in 3 & now I can see

This vast devilry u've cast upon me

I'll be stuck in these steps for all eternity

& who would it be if it were not me?

My life once worth livin' is enslaved by treachery

It seems to be that Hell's high waters

Have brought forth to me an unspeakable horror

I can't seem to just stand in one place

& Misery won't loosen her callused grip

But if I trip, perhaps her hand could start to slip

& I've tried my best, but my feet, they will not rest

I'm oh so conscious & that's why Lunacy will tear me apart

Harmony, an unfamiliar face that now lingers around

Needless, so needless to say

That we're only victims after all

U help me keep these cursed legs from swayin' all around

But this time, they'll agree with me

Oh surely this will contend with my misery

So I begin hackin' through flesh & bone with fine cutlery

Now surely this will amend all my dignity

(I'm sick of driftin') & as this weight is lifted, I'm now content as an amputee

You've used every moment to torment me

Now severed & screamin', I will at last be free

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