Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess - Take It Back

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Well, we're just so 'shit's possible tonight'

So I saw the people inside

I wanted to hold you tight, or get away

Your eyes don't look close to mine

Lonely times and the people the same

You see what you been and you mean what you say

And you say what it is


Take it back!

Take it back!

What we had


I wanna hold ya tight

But these turn so lonely tonight

I wanna kiss your lips

And get away, sometimes lonely people

Chase, and these days get so lonely in me

I try so hard to make what I can't seem to say

And these days get so far away

They don't want, but I can't say

Just take it back


Oh, it's gonna come again

Oh, it's gonna come again!

So take it back

Take it back

So take it back

Take enough, enough


Well, we're just twos just passing through the night

To us only people in sight

I wanted your touch

But you can't feel my fingers

I can't take too much

So I ... try!

Try to get away

All that I wanted I say

Oh, you got this lil lonely hearted man

And you cry all the time and I know

That these days, they don't go when they go

And I can't feel my hands anymore

Just take it back

Take it back

Won't it hurt?

Take it back

Just take it back

Take it back

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