Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess - Great Big Storm

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Because we’re

[Holdin’ our own in a great big storm

It’s a great big storm and we’re holdin’ our own] x 2


I’ve been lost in this maze

Losin’ love, losin’ friends

Losin’ faith in chemicals

Afraid one day you’ll find me

Asleep above the stars

I watch my mother cry

Father time is catchin’ up

I keep the phone by my side

Afraid she’ll wake me up to catch the next flight

In time to say goodbye


But sometimes I fall asleep at night

To the TV light and it sings

Oh whoa

One day the sun will break into the room


Because we’re holdin’ our own in a great big storm

And though we’re cuttin’ it

We won’t let go

No I can’t believe

Everythin’ fallin’ down around me

But now we’re holdin’ our own

And won’t let go

[Holdin’ our own in a great big storm

It’s a great big storm and we’re holding our own] x 2


Broken hearts broken homes and broken bones

Secret love let me go

You know I gotta find my own way

Through mistakes that I can’t change

Because there’s beauty in every sin

Every single black eye

Has some blue like the moon just before the sun shines

No I don’t believe in all the things that they preach

(Pre-Hook) + (Hook)


I can’t stand myself

And all the curse words that fall from my mouth

I can’t stand myself

Or my legs as they run from the ones here to help

But I just woke up with you next to me

Some new air to breathe

And a belief that it’s all gonna be alright

I can’t stand myself

But it’s high time that we gave it a try

And I think I’m gonna finally give myself a new try


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