Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess - Brightside

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Why did you took the long way home?

I watch you walk slow pass my window

Is that why you did it for?

I think is cuz you left me alone

You know I’m ‘bout to make it right


From up here I can see the car line

I can see the lope shining’ in your eyes

I never meant to set the world on fire

Just wanted something you'd remember me by


But now I wish that I was on the bright side

These friends of mine could spend the whole night dreaming

While you're holding me tight under the moon light

Just you and I, will lead a new life singing

La-la-la x 4


You know I think it says a lot

That I can wake myself up from this dream

About the things that are most dear to me

Although I could loved you better

I had to get the fuck out of the bed

Cuz there’s something about you, my love

Something in the way that I hold you here

And fall apart

When I were young I use you brought you down

You’d show me how

It feels to feel



Look at you, and look at you

And look at you x 2

Thanks to Linz for correcting these lyrics

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