Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant - You Move Me

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I stand in awe

that you know my name

just a glimpse of your love for me

and now I am changed

becuz you showed me how to walk a different way

I have peace like I never known

I am living


You move me

Lord you move me

theres a fire burning in my soul

and its flowing through me

Lord you move me

Lord you move me

Now i must tell the world what I know

You move me

For too many years I have been color blind

Only saw in shades of gray

stuck in black and white

but by grace you opened my eyes

now I see the light

and your love has covered my world

and makes my soul cry


Day after day I'm amazed that you gave your life for me.

when i think of the price that you paid

how can i not say


you move me

yeah yeah

You move me

you move me

yes you do

oh your love amazes me

yeah yeah yeah

you move me.

yeah yeah

yeah yeah

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