Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant - That'S When I'Ll Give Up

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No heartbeat is always steady

Angels have halos already

Please- don't think you're proving

yourself all the time

I don't need you to be perfect

I know the wait will be worth it

You and me baby we're only just

learning to shine

You should know

this my love

How far I'll go

here's when I'll give up


When the sun is coming up at midnight

When the clocks have all run out of time

When the snow- falls in june

That's when I'll give up (on loving you)

When the earth is finished spinning around

When it's raining up instead of down

When a dream-can't come true

When the rivers all run out of blue

That's when I'll give up (on loving you)

You'll never run out of chances

I don't need you to have all the answers

Love isn't something that has to be

Put to the test

Love like this

can't be undone

I'm telling you

If the day should come

Repeat Chorus

As you're walking through the world

You gotta know

I'll be with you everywhere you go

You can spread your wings or run

Back to my arms

I will always hold you in my heart- baby

You'll always be

a part of me

Baby can't you see

Repeat Chorus

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