Nachtfalke - War In Asgard

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Two ravens are flying over the my head<br />

And when I was looking around<br />

They dissappeared in the mist to Asgard north<br />

<br />

In Valhalla, in Odins holy halls<br />

On his shoulder they are telling<br />

Fenris spites his cold breath<br />

Upon Midgard. Yggdrasil is frozen<br />

And the people staring to death... Odin<br />

<br />

Screaming they ask themself<br />

Has gods left us<br />

With roaring thunder voices<br />

Odin is calling<br />

Bring Thor and his warrior<br />

And let them move out to prevent Ragnarok<br />

... Odin

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