Nachtfalke - Pestkrieg

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For blood and honour we fight<br />

In hundreds of battles we stand<br />

Mjolnir the hammer is on our side<br />

Swing our swords and raise our hands<br />

<br />

When Hel comes to earth<br />

Goddess of suffer and dead<br />

She will open the gates<br />

Unleash the underworld<br />

<br />

Triumph or death - Pestkrieg! <br />

War in northland - Pestkrieg! <br />

Triumph or death - Pestkrieg! <br />

Death of the Gods - Pestkrieg! <br />

<br />

Cross the river of death<br />

We stand and fight till we die<br />

On ancient shores of all evil<br />

We raise again our swords

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